Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Moose

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I have a love of bright colors!

Perhaps one day, YEARS from now, my rugs will be soft and faded, but for

now…..they’re bright!!

I think this pillow will go in our lodge themed room, but the lighting in there

is not the best for photography, so I’ve photographed the moose pillow in

my girly room, sitting in my hooking chair.


I’ve had this moose pillow hooked and bound for quite some time now, but I just really don’t like

finishing things and having to put them together……

I blogged about the moose HERE, way back in March!

I took this to Saturday’s hook-in and diligently stitched on the backing and then gave it a little retro

twist with the bright yellow thread…..I’m happy with how it turned out!



I plan on hooking more pillows in the future….I’ve got several big rugs and I just don’t think I have room

for more…..pillows….well, you can always find a place for them!


  1. Great job, Tammy. I don 't like the finishing much, either. Too bad there aren't any finishing elves who work while we sleep . . . Sarah

  2. Love how it came out! I think the yellow X's are perfect for the back finished edge.

  3. What a Mahvelous Moose he is Tammy! I love bright colors even though I don't use them in my decor. Pillows are a wonderful way to finish and worth the extra work! Perfect touch too with the yellow x's!
    Cathy G

  4. OMGeeeeeeeeeeee
    I love this red moose. What a precious design and finishing job.
    Love it!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ter'e! I know you love him because he is red!

  5. Have a daughter who loves to decorate with moose, do you have a pattern for this?

    1. Marie,
      I just googled "moose silhouette and freehand drew it on red dot. Would you want the pattern on red dot, paper or a backing....we could probably work something out.


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