Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sketching at Nathaniel Green Park


Dulcy and I went to Nathaniel Green park earlier in the week to sketch.


It was a beautiful day….we sat on the grass and sketched and the geese just kept moving closer

and closer to us.


Although we are entering a beautiful fall, most of the trees that we were sketching were still

green and maybe just a bit yellow, however the mums were beautiful on their own tucked into

their beds.





Lesson for me….if you are sketching something and it looks like something rude, make sure and

write next to it what it is Smile


If the leaves look really life-like, it’s because they are glued into my sketchbook Smile

Friday, October 24, 2014

Just Do It!


I’ve signed up for Sketchbook Skool and have been trying to draw every

day and do homework assignments.


I think half of the problem is just making a mark on the page.  Getting over the fear

of “messing up” a sketchbook.

Most of us are not “great” at what we do right out of the gates and it’s also okay to

do something just because you enjoy it.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing my new sketching adventures with you.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Read it through first!


A few weeks ago…..who knows, maybe it was a month ago…. Kenny asked me to make

veal cannelloni.  He had found some veal on sale and then found a recipe that sounded

good.  I shopped for the recipe on a Saturday and told him that is what we would have

that night.

Around 5pm or so, I got out all my ingredients and the recipe and discovered this…



the marinara sauced takes 3-4 hours to make…..yep, that’s what you get

when you don’t read a recipe through BEFORE you start it…..needless to say,

that night we ended up having take out!!




However, the next day, I started making my “from scratch” marinara sauce, as well

as the filling.


Got my shells all filled and then made the b├ęchamel sauce… first time making

that as well!


Needless to say, making this cannelloni recipe pretty much took up my entire Sunday,

but it was REALLY good…..


and that b├ęchamel sauce ….well, I pretty much licked the pan!!!

If you’d like to make it you can find the recipe HERE

I doubled the recipe, because if I was going to spend HOURS on a recipe, I wanted to

make sure and have some to have later on.

I’ve still got part of the batch in the freezer!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Chicken Scratch


No need to go on and on about how far behind I am in blogging…….



I really have no excuse other than laziness….


Back in September I went to Kansas City to “Art on the Plaza”


It was fabulous with lots of wonderful art, cute kids, dogs and wonderful food!





I took some time to sketch my cousin’s chickens…..they  have a cute little coop, but in the daytime

they get the run of the yard.