Thursday, October 23, 2014

Read it through first!


A few weeks ago…..who knows, maybe it was a month ago…. Kenny asked me to make

veal cannelloni.  He had found some veal on sale and then found a recipe that sounded

good.  I shopped for the recipe on a Saturday and told him that is what we would have

that night.

Around 5pm or so, I got out all my ingredients and the recipe and discovered this…



the marinara sauced takes 3-4 hours to make…..yep, that’s what you get

when you don’t read a recipe through BEFORE you start it…..needless to say,

that night we ended up having take out!!




However, the next day, I started making my “from scratch” marinara sauce, as well

as the filling.


Got my shells all filled and then made the béchamel sauce… first time making

that as well!


Needless to say, making this cannelloni recipe pretty much took up my entire Sunday,

but it was REALLY good…..


and that béchamel sauce ….well, I pretty much licked the pan!!!

If you’d like to make it you can find the recipe HERE

I doubled the recipe, because if I was going to spend HOURS on a recipe, I wanted to

make sure and have some to have later on.

I’ve still got part of the batch in the freezer!

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