Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wipes Outs and Whipped Cream


I’ve been sketching when I feel inspired and usually when one of the dogs are asleep.  Lonnie loves to

sleep on top of all kinds of pillows and I thought he looked especially sweet on this particular night.

(I’ve been trying to concentrate more on sketching and not really painting my sketches as of late.)

Last night, when we were on our walk, I wasn’t paying attention and he saw a cat and I

went from vertical to horizontal in about 2 seconds flat!  Leaves were flying, I lost the leash out of my

hand once I went down, Lonnie was barking, the neighbor’s cat, KiKi, was running….we were quite the


Other than a pulled muscle, which already feels fine today, no harm was done.  I did have to pick lots

of dried leaves off of my nubby coat.



Tonight, we’re skipping the walk and staying indoors.  Having a little coffee, cream, and Patron XO

café dark cocoa topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.  Honestly, you HAVE to have spray

whipped cream in your fridge during the holidays….it just makes ordinary things more HOLIDAY-ish!!

What makes you feel holiday-ish?

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