Monday, March 30, 2015

Finding the Mojo

After months of marinating

or frittering

or just a downright

creative rut…….

I think I’ve found my

creative mojo again!


I’ve finished hooking my monarch pillow…..

I’ll share that with you once it is actually

made into a pillow Smile


Yesterday I pulled out more of my hooking supplies

to make a moose rug for my good friend Angie….

she wants her moose to be a deep orange/red!



That happens to be a color I love, but I don’t seem to have quite the right color in my

stash, so that will give me a chance to get out my dye pots……

something I haven’t done in a long, long time….

can’t tell you how excited I am about that….

I’ve already got the wool soaking!!!


I also took time out yesterday to work on a project that has been marinating in my mind for quite some time.


We have a quilt, just a pretty quilt from TJ Maxx, that we’ve had for several years, but it’s taken quite a bit

of abuse from Buzzbee….he likes to “dig” and “nest” before he settles in.



So now, it has several tears in it.  I could just donate the whole big king size quilt to a thrift

store or animal shelter, but I like how soft it’s gotten over the years, and a bit faded….I’m embracing

it’s age!  Maybe this is something we do more often the older we get.


I’ve had a vision of covering all of these tears (there are quite a few) with silhouettes of swallows.


I “googled” swallow silhouette and just freely drew this on freezer paper and then fused

it to some dark blue wool.


I then cut around it and pinned it over the tear, then proceeded to whip-stitch it down with

embroidery floss.


Part way through the stitching I ran out of the color I was using, so I switched from a blue

floss to a gray.


This will be a bit of a “make-do” / “re-do” project. I’m going to try to stay with the colors

of the quilt, so by the time it’s finished I will have all different colors of swallows stitched with

all different colors of floss.

Of course doing just this one bird took me about an hour, but it’s not about the time,

this time it’s about the journey.


  1. I love wool applique so love what you're doing with your worn quilt. So often in my collecting antiques through the years, I've picked the much loved items that have been patched. I also feel your pain on lack of creativity but I notice it seems to re-enter my life when I can open the windows and doors & let it in!!!!

  2. Now that the gloom of a very long winter winds down, all of our creative juices seem to start flowing again. I even dug out a pattern and put it on my frame. Now to see where all my wool went. Keep up the good work!


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