Sunday, March 15, 2015


Here lately I feel as if I’ve been frittering my time away.

You know how easy it is, you sit down to watch a tv program after work,

get on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Before you know it, the afternoon is gone and you’ve accomplished nothing.


Sometimes nothing can be good, we all need a chance to unwind, but days

on end of nothing, is well,




I’ve been stuck in this rut for a while.

Today I made better use of my time…..still relaxing and unwinding, but

taking time to hook on the rug I’m working on,


and finish a book I started yesterday.


Do you have favorite ways of unwinding?


  1. Oh, I hate when I fritter too much time away and I think I am a master at it...sigh.
    Hooking is my favorite way to unwind!
    Happy spring :)

  2. Sometimes one just needs to "fritter". Once the fritter time passes, I usually find I have a great deal of energy. So fritter and enjoy!

  3. I agree with Dulcy.... we should "fritter" more often and enjoy every moment of it!! Cathy G


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