Wednesday, June 25, 2014

He’s a Little Runaway

What will make me leave work early, dirty two bath towels,

move a pile of wood and then pour a glass of wine before 11 in the morning?



Lonnie has been pretty much the perfect and most loving dog…..

until Sunday.

I got home from hot yoga and Kenny met me in the driveway asking if I  had Lonnie with me…..


he’s gone…..

Luckily a neighbor called and said they had Lonnie in their backyard….he was tired and hot and they gave him some water.

Kenny went to pick him up….

he wasn’t in the lady’s backyard….

he called….

start looking again….

Then another neighbor said they had seen him headed down their street….

found again and brought home.

He was awful sorry….

We checked the backyard to see if we could find where he might have dug out….


Kenny replaced two of the six foot privacy fence boards we had taken down so the dogs could talk to Rascal, our neighbor’s new pit-bull puppy…

this left  a four foot chain link fence…..which is where we thought he got out….

either due to the thunder that day or perhaps a bunny that he got excited about.

We thought we had things shored up…..

Until this morning when a different neighbor farther away called and they had Lonnie….he was wet as sop!

Yes we had rain and thunder this morning…..but how did he get out?

I left work early (luckily we were not busy) and came home to meet a friend who had went to pick up Lonnie and bring him home.

He was wet, dirty, and again, awfully sorry.

I dirtied two bath towels getting him cleaned and dried. 

Then I made him and Buzzbee stay inside the house while I surveyed the backyard trying to find the new escape route.

Walking the perimeter of the backyard in the rain, looking for where he might have dug out….



We do have a woodpile at the back fence and Lonnie likes to get on it and bark at squirrels.

You can see him sitting in front of the woodpile in the picture below (from a few years ago)


Okay, so it might be possible for him to get on the woodpile

and jump over the 6 foot fence

and then jump out of the neighbor’s chain link fence and be on the lam.

So, in the rain, I start to disassemble the woodpile. 

Yes, it’s messy work, but I tried to find the beauty in the moment…


Teeny, tiny mushrooms growing in the woodpile (yeah, the woodpile needed to be moved anyway)

It’s just one of those chores that gets put on the bottom of the list.

Needless to say, mentally exhausting…..

Poured a small glass of wine before 11am….

I think I’m entitled!!

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