Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Walk

Her bag was Hermes, her overalls were tough and her coffee was her third for the day!!....She's my Monday Coffee Girl!

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Regardless of what we do on the weekends, Monday always comes knocking at the door, shoving us back

to work.

Thank goodness for the weekends! I spent mine walking through our National Cemetery and the regular

cemetery next to it.

There were some wonderful old tombstones covered with lichens….


This was the first one that caught my eye…..rather sad….a little girls grave who passed when

she was 5 years and 6 months.


I did find that the most beautiful headstones were usually from the 1800’s, back in the day

when people took time to do things by hand…..I can’t imagine these were cast…..perhaps they

were…..regardless, the older stones were the most beautiful.


I love the dove on top of this one.


Redbuds and crabapples are so beautiful…..odd to be walking among the dead in the spring.

I guess it reminds us that life goes on….renewal.




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  1. Love the old stones and the beautiful work that went into them. Perfect time to walk there with all the gorgeous redbuds blooming!


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