Sunday, November 29, 2015

Caterpillar Completion


It feels so good to be completing more projects!!!

I started this project back in March…..I know, I know….it takes me forever

to complete even a smaller project these days.


Once again, inspired to use wool as well as alternative fabrics.  Have you ever used the sparkle wool?

I just love it!!!!


This pillow was inspired by watching a video on the journey of the Monarch butterfly…..a truly amazing



Now on to my next project…….perhaps a knitted sock?

I started the socks back HERE in January of 2014……I finished one of them HERE in March of 2014…..

It would certainly be nice to have a pair!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

On a Roll

… if I can just keep the motivation going!!!!

This weekend I’ve finished the backing on my basset hound pillow as well as a

monarch caterpillar pillow.

All of these long nights….I mean, it gets dark at 5:30 and I find myself going to bed at 8:30 some


I’ve made myself a list of projects that need completed, so I’ll have something to keep myself occupied

on these long, dark nights.

The cording on this pillow was on sale at Hancock Fabric and was a bit challenging to work with,

but I just loved the color.

Plus, I always like to push myself and try new things.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

This worked, but like I said, it was a bit of a challenge.




Using different fabrics in addition to wool is always fun and making different sorts of flowers just makes me smile.


I love the sparkly spandex!!!

I also love the velvety looking lavender polyester on her snout!



She looks a little sad and forlorn, don’t you think?



I also chose a fun fabric for her backing…….what a girly dog!!!



How is the time change affecting you?  Are you getting more done, or do you find yourself whiling away the

hours parked in front of the TV or going to bed early?

Can’t wait to show you what else I’ve been up to!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sweet start to a holiday

Holiday… in vacation.

Started out my holiday with a trip to Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas with my art group friends

this past Saturday.

(Mary, Dulcy, me, Ann)

Ann is a member of the museum and she got us tickets to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright home in

the background of the picture. (was not open to general public when we went, so in essence we got

a sneak peek)!

The Bachman-Wilson house was moved from New Jersey to this spot in Arkansas.

You can see a video of the home HERE.

It was a beautiful day!!!

She also got us tickets to another special exhibit:


Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the special exhibit as well as the pieces in the normal museum


I wish I could have taken a picture of this complete set of sketches….it stretched out for at least 10-12



It was an example of how artists would go and explore and sketch in their sketch books and then

come home and paint pictures of places they had been. The sketches above were in preparation for the

painting below.




Pieces with lots of texture always catch my eye. Below is a close up of the textural qualities.


Not only that, but I love the color palette as well.


Of course, while perusing museums, one must have a bit of caffeine to sustain oneself.  This was our

barista with a most colorful tattoo.  Her latte’s were works of art!



More favorites….








As for the rest of my holiday?

Well, I’m calling this the holiday of “house love”…..going through the house touching up paint on

cabinets, walls and doors. As well as having handymen come in work on the “to-do” list….you know

all those little things that just start to add up…..a light switch that sticks, doors that stick, patching

a hole in the ceiling, putting new weather stripping around the doors.

As if that is not enough, I’ve pulled all of the silver trees out of the attic.


I think there are 8 or 9 trees. They still need to be arranged and fluffed up. You can also see the big

mirror leaning against the sofa…..also re-painting the mantel as well and then that will be put back.

Another thing on the list……fruitcake! 

Hope to start making that tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.