Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ahhhh, a long weekend

I just love a long weekend, don’t you?

Time for reading, crafting, cooking, lounging by the pool.

It’s the best!

I finished reading

Loved it!!! If you love dogs, eating, having besties and family, this is a great read whether it’s summer or any time of year.

Yesterday, I started on

It’s the fictitious story of Anne Frank’s sister. The premise is that she escaped the Holocaust and is living in America, at the time when the movie of her sister has come out.

Quite fascinating so far.

I’ve worked a bit on the little rug I started at rug camp with Heather Ritchie.


I’m loving working with different fibers and just having fun with color…..very freeing.

It’s got me thinking about some other projects that I’d like to work on, but I’ll talk about that in another installment on the blog.


I think we’ve taken care of all of Lonnie’s escape routes….he’s been staying home like a good boy.

Although he likes to lay in the hydrangea bushes, as evidenced by his corsage that he came in the house with stuck to his collar.


I made some white chocolate, cherry, coconut blondies to take to a 4th of July celebration


However, they never set up in the middle….they were like goo no matter how long I cooked them for….

what a disaster! I proceeded to make them into balls, freeze them and was going to make them into blondie pops.

Well, the sticks wouldn’t stay in, so I dipped them in white candy coating and sprinkled colored sugar on them….

I ended up calling them dingy blondies, because they were a hot mess!!



They look pretty in the picture, but by the time I finished them, I had candy melt stuck to my fingers and sprinkles EVERYWHERE!!


Sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation!!

LOve YOur LIFE!!


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  1. Love the rug! I've been hooking and using fun new stuff too! Your treats look yummy!


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