Sunday, July 20, 2014

Front patio

Back in May we started a renovation of our front porch….you can see the “before”

pictures and read about it HERE.

Lindy, over at The Gingerbread House, reminded me that I had never give you all an update…..

So we’ve gone from this….


to this….


When the wooden decking was torn off, the original landing was exposed as well as the original planter.

We had the concrete landing covered in flagstone and we kept the original planter.


We also had the leaded glass windows replaced with double-paned windows that are etched

with the same diamond pattern as the original windows….our house is so much more quiet inside now!

Kenny moved a fountain from the back yard to the new porch/patio.

It’s so nice to sit out front and visit with the neighbors and have the little babbling fountain in the



He has also worked his magic with the planting as well….


I should take a picture of myself in front of these elephant ears, as one ear is about the size of the hood of a car!!

Seriously, they are HUGE!!


Old grinding stones lead from the patio out to the yard.


Buzzbee is healing nicely from his giant hotspot and no longer has to wear his socks, but he said he really

didn’t mind them at all.


  1. Tammy, Your hanging ferns are massive! Much bigger than mine here. Even though Florida has a milder winter than Missouri, how do you keep them growing when it starts to freeze? All mine die back and revive only when March shows its face. Those old grinding stones look like they would last longer than my garden stepping stones. But then you could fit my entire front yard in the area covered in concrete flagstones. Was Kenny a great gardener when you first were married or did he discover his talents when you bought this house?

    1. Sometimes Kenny overwinters them in the garage.....I think this year, he bought these new as we had a really hard, cold winter. Kenny has always been a great gardener, he had lots of hostas and daylilies in his yard when we first started dating.


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