Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I keep meaning to write more here, but I keep getting curve balls….

some from life, some from myself.

I had really been on a roll….feeling more balanced.

Eating healthier, doing yoga, doing a cool program I like on the elliptical

trainer at the gym that involves cardio and arm strengthening.


Dulcy and I had talked about joining an on-line group called Sketchbook Skool, but it had

already started it’s 6 week program, so we are going to join in later this summer instead.


In the meantime, I’ve bought a few little sketchbooks that I’ve been sketching in with pen, so

I don’t get caught up in trying to make things “perfect”…just trying to sketch a little bit everyday.


That was going along great and then little Buzzbee developed this giant hotspot on his neck and chest.

He had to be sedated and shaved and is having to take prednisone and an antibiotic twice a day.

Yesterday, I got up early to take him to daycare at the vet so they could keep an eye on him.


We’ve got him wearing little baby socks on his back feet so when he does scratch at his neck or chest it’s not

as damaging to his skin. (Can you believe he doesn’t try to take them off?!!)


This morning he is staying at home with Lonnie (who has not been on the lam in a while…thank goodness)

….he sleeps a lot due to the meds, so hopefully that will go okay.

I guess we’ll find out when I get home from work.

Have my fingers crossed.


  1. He looks so sweet in his little sockies! An it is amazing that he doesn't try to take them off. It's good that he's sleeping a lot. Is Lonnie a bit stressed over all this? I would think he would be.

  2. Ahhhh poor Buzzbee. My Brit used to do the same thing. What was a little spot turned into a huge infected mess in a day becuase he just kept scratching and licking. We did the sock thing too and he kept them on. Always needed antibiotics and prednisone and he did very well with that, until the next time...... Get well Buzzbee!!! xoxox

  3. I'm a little jealous of Buzbee. Piper needed to start wearing boots so he wouldn't slip so much on my non-carpeted floors. To date, he has destroyed 4 not-so-cheap sets. And socks, he loves to take off and unravel. Just need to catch before he starts eating them. Glad to see you are sketching again. Give your boys a hug from your friends in Florida!

    1. He never takes the socks off....granted, sometimes they just fall off while he's playing, but so far, we've found most of them.


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