Monday, August 25, 2014

I love you a latte…

It’s been a while since I’ve made any “food” posts.

I’ve been TRYING to eat healthier and I want YOU to

be healthy too.

So I feel that spreading food porn of my occasional treats such

as cream cheese ice cream is really not helpful to anyone,

but honestly, I’ve made homemade cream cheese ice cream

about 4-5 times this summer…..I just can’t help myself!!

I have a new recipe I’ve run across and it’s simple and easy and chock

full of fat and sugar….if you want it you’ll have to e-mail me….it’s sinful.


Oh no, I’ve digressed……I’m here to talk about something healthy….

and a bit odd….

with lots of fat….

a touch of sweet…

bizarre actually….

it’s become my new morning best friend….


She looks fairly harmless with her foamy top, but a lot of magic lies beneath….

think of her as you in the 80’s with your teased and ratted up hair, layers of Aqua Net to make

that big hair happen!!

Ah, the big hair….such a long time ago!!


Flashback…..Yes, I lived through it!! Me and two of my besties at our senior prom!!

Any-who….here is how to get that foamy top…’re going to be surprised…..

Start with organic, grass-fed butter….my favorite is Kerrygold,


but Kenny used the last of it last night

when he was making our scrambled eggs. By the way, they were DELICIOUS…that man makes

the best scrambled eggs ever…..I’m sure it’s the butter!!

Instead, I have organic butter (which I’m guessing comes from soy or corn fed cows….it’s just not as yellow

as the grass-fed variety)….which is good, but really not AS GOOD as grass-fed,

grass-fed has the “good fat”.

“Grass-fed butter is much healthier than other butter.  It doesn’t make cholesterol levels worse,

it optimizes them!  Starting your day with grass-fed butter will give you lots of energy

and it will give your body healthy fats that it will use to make cell walls and hormones.”


Wow! I really keep getting off track this morning, but I’m going with it…..

So here we go….

1 tsp grass-fed butter (organic, but maybe not grass-fed in a pinch…like today)


1 tsp raw, cold pressed coconut oil


(normally this is fairly solid, but the house is a bit warmer, so of course it dripped

on the counter….oh well)

Next, I like to add 3-4 drops of Sweet Leaf liquid Stevia (you can skip this if you want,

but I tend to love it….my favorite flavors are Vanilla Crème, Hazelnut, and Chocolate…

I keep the chocolate in my purse so I can add it to a Starbucks coffee if I’m out and

about….way better than sugary stuff or fake stuff…and it saves a ton of calories)




Now, you’ve got your butter, coconut oil and flavoring…you could also add cinnamon

or a square of really good dark chocolate if you wanted.

Depending on what kitchen equipment you have here is how to blend…

If you have a blender, add in your hot coffee and blend until foamy.

I’m too lazy to always have to clean the blender afterwards, so I use a

hand blender.

Just barely cover the butter and coconut oil with hot coffee…


Yeah, this is why it needs to be blended….otherwise, it’s an oil slick!!


This is what you want….the foam! Once it gets foamy, then you can start adding the

rest of the coffee….just go easy on the blender speed or you’ll have hot coffee

spraying all over you!!! NOT a good thing!!

You’ve been warned!


Okay, who’s game?!

Oh yeah, why is this healthy? Why would I skip breakfast and have this instead?! Seriously folks, I’ve

always been a big breakfast eater… always!!

This won’t raise your insulin levels, it keeps you feeling full and gives you lots of energy.  The original recipe

calls for 1 Tbs of each instead of 1 tsp. I’ve used the tablespoon before and it definitely keeps you feeling full.

I’m watching my calories, so most days I just do the teaspoon of each, but with the tablespoon of each

it’s absolutely decadent!! Now, I don’t drink this in ALL my coffees….just my first morning coffee of the


No, I don’t drink coffee all day long…..sometimes I’ll have one in the afternoon as a pick me up, but

mainly I just drink water or iced tea.

For more information on this coffee concoction, go HERE


  1. Cream cheese ice cream??? You are making me drool.
    LOVE the prom pic.
    Hugs :)

  2. Came by way of Dulcy -- I drink bulletproof coffee, too. So. Good. Can't wait until tomorrow morning. :)


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