Monday, August 18, 2014

On Down the Trail


I’m sorry….I just had to post more pictures of the Nature Trail….

I walked 6 miles on Saturday morning as the sun was still coming up.


The trail is so peaceful….yes, you run across other walkers, joggers,

bikers, and dog walkers, but everyone is always so great.

They give you a low wave as they jog past or stop and let you

pet their dogs,

it’s nice.


In the picture up above, I’ve put an arrow to point at a

water bird who was hunting for food.

I tried to get a closer picture, but the bridge I was on,

was a ways away, so it’s sort of blurry.




For me, it’s seeing sights like this, that make it worth it to get up

at 6:30 in the morning on a weekend and hit the trail.




It’s also fun to step off the trail and get pictures of trees with

such great character.


There are always lots of ducks and geese on the pond.


Some of the fowl scatter into the water when you get close.


However, this little group had probably learned that people

mean food.


They let me get really close to them….this little black one is so

cute and scraggly looking.


I loved this one’s blue beak….so handsome!


Of course now, we are moving into our “end of summer heat wave”

with temperatures in the high 90’s most days….we’ll see what next

weekend brings.

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