Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sketching on the Trail





Walked a little over 5 miles on the nature trail this morning.  The goldenrod is in full bloom.


I sat on a bench towards the middle of my walk and sketched the close-up of the

goldenrod….when I lifted my head to put away my paints, I saw a deer peeking out,

watching me.  I was so engrossed in painting the flower that I have no idea how

long it had been there watching.

An unexpected moment of beauty.


  1. I LOVE this little landscape! Wondering if you were at Nat Green. We're walked the trail Saturday morning, but not that far.

    1. On the Galloway Trail....walked from Southern Hills pool out to 60 HWY....fields of goldenrod were near Southern HIlls. Saw the deer closer to 60 HWY. That trail needs more benches :)

  2. Imagine the story the deer is telling. "I was walking along the bushy trail when I looked over and saw this human doing something weird with her hand and something in her lap. I watched her for a good while before she caught sight of me. Humans are weird."

  3. Wonderful landscape. Loved your deer story. I had a hawk adventure one morning as I was sitting at the computer and reading blogs. I looked up and there he sat on my fence -- staring at me. By the time I reached my camera, he was gone. I have no idea how long he had been sitting there. We humans are weird! :) (I would have been sneezing greetings to the golden rod.)


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