Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today’s youth

If you think today’s youth are good for nothing…..

you would be sorely mistaken.

They might just be the re-making of the true America

we’d all like to see.


Monoculture, monopoly, cheap food and poor diets-- these are the consequences of an agricultural system

gone awry, driven by policy and corporate control. Here we are, unhealthy. Re-orienting our food system

is a project worth tackling, and these young farmers have chosen to become a part of the solution,

addressing the crisis they see by learning the skills needed, and starting the kinds of businesses that,

one by one, can replace complicated, entrenched systems. Today's young farmers are dynamic entrepreneurs,

stewards of place. They are involved in local politics, partnering with others, inventing new social institutions,

working with mentors, starting their careers as apprentices, borrowing money from the bank,

putting in long hours, taking risks, innovating, experimenting. Farming with horses, with hacked tractors,

with forgotten urban lots and Appalachian coal country. These young farmers have vision: a prosperous,

satisfying, sustainable food system. It is ambitious, it will take work, but it won't be boring.


Watch this inspiring video


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