Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will I Ever?

Will I ever get back into the regular habit of blogging again?

I keep trying, but I feel like a car that keeps sputtering,

goes off with a great start and then dies in the middle of the road.


Oh well.

I’ve been spending a bit less time on the computer and I guess

in some ways that is a good thing.


This past weekend I drove up to Kansas City with my aunt and

we visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

I think we spent 5 hours walking through the museum and having lunch.

Even with that time spent we weren’t able to see everything.

It was a beautiful day and there was even a wedding that was about to take place.


My favorite pieces of art that I saw were the Native American pieces. There were pieces that were

old, such as these hand-beaded moccasins from the 1890’s

to newer pieces such as these hand-beaded heels designed by Hawaiian-born artist Jamie Okuma

who beaded them with glass and 24k gold-plated beads in the tradition of American Indian moccasins.

I think that anytime you make something by hand you have a much greater appreciation for the time

and commitment that these items take to create.  I’m fascinated that so many years ago when people

were hunting for food and preparing food and tending to their children that they had time at the end

of the day to sit down and create these wonderful works of art that were part of their daily lives

or used in ceremonies.

Another work of art that was astounding was this piece created by El Anatsui.


It’s hard from the picture above to appreciate how large this piece is…..


In this photo, I tried to capture people standing below it to give you a better idea of the scope of this piece.

Other pieces that spoke to me:


This is a painting of Natural Bridge, Virginia…..I visited this when I went to school in Virginia.

Yes, it’s really that beautiful and awe inspiring.


To me this symbolizes how lonely it must have been for women settling in the prairie.  I find it quite

peaceful to look at.


This is just beautiful and girly and wonderful! I love everything about it!


This is a painting by Thomas Hart Benton, one of Missouri’s masters.  This is a painting of his sister

that he painted while he was in school. Completely different from other Thomas Hart Benton paintings

that I have seen growing up.

Just google his name and you’ll see why this one stood out to me.  Here, I’ve done it for you.

Thomas Hart Benton

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